Trip Info


If you have transportation, it is encouraged to meet at the designated marina around 7:15-8:30 AM depending on the season. There is no strict timer to when we will get off the water but it’s usually around 7 hrs of water time, which gets us off from 3-4pm. If you are in New Orleans and do not have a car we can arrange a morning meet up in Chalmette and do our one stop shop on the way down. If we are meeting at the launch, you will need to pick up lunch on the way down. You can call in sandwiches to Day or Night (504-277-0027) or The Last Stop Food Mart (504-301-1511). Both are conveniently located on the way down from New Orleans. Capt. Mike will have a cooler with ice and water for your lunch and any additional beverages.


Half Day          



Full day