Fishing License

Fly Bayou Gear List                 

Below are some suggested items to bring for your fishing trip.

Fly fishing rod and reel outfit. - Your trip includes all necessary fishing gear (rods, line, flies, lures, safety gear etc.). I have 8, 9, 10wt fly rods and spinning rods. If you’d like to bring your own gear just let me know what you’re bringing and i’ll make room for it…that is why you bought it, right!

Rain jacket, fully waterproof. The weather can change quickly in South Louisiana so be prepared. It’s also a nice wind breaker for the morning run out.

Clothing appropriate for the weather on day of trip. The sun can be intense so it’s recommended to wear a long sleeved fishing shirt and long pants. Even when it’s hot out, it’s better to stay out of direct contact with the sun. Also, when the wind dies and the gnats come out this will become CRUCIAL. A buff to cover your face and some fingerless fishing gloves will come in handy when battling sun and gnats. Morning runs in the winter months can be very cold so DON’T underestimate Louisiana’s ability to get downright cold with our humidity during this time!

Hat, wide-brimmed, for sun and eye protection. Contact wearers should bring an extra pair if available.

Polarized sunglasses. Quality, amber lens polarized fishing shades work best with our water clarity.

Personal medical supplies and prescriptions if necessary. – If you have experienced motion sickness in the past it is not a bad idea to take precautions by taking Bonine, Dramamine or using a Patch as directed. Ask your pharmacist about the less drowsy options.

There is ample room for storage on the boat, but it is encouraged to pack light and only bring personal items that are necessary.